Training Videos

Back Up 3 Steps

Teach your dog to heal backwards – Back Up 3 Steps

Back Up 3 Steps is a Master level Rally Obedience exercise. This technique will help you to teach your dog how to move back and maintain a precise heal position.

Shake Trick

If your dog doesn’t know how to shake, here is how you can teach your dog and impress your friends.

Rollover Trick

Rollover is a very easy trick to teach your dog. Give it a go and remember to finish on a good note.

Obedience with a little twist

At Elite Canines Training, I teach my clients to keep the training interesting for the dogs by bringing in variations.

Mental Exercise

Doing some exercises that stimulate their brain will help your dog to relax mentally.

Helping out in the Kitchen

Giving your dog a job to do is a great way to teach them to earn their meal.

Grab a Beer

If someone ask you “Can your dog grab a beer?”, do be afraid of saying, “He can, but with the right training”. Always teach your dog something new in small steps and celebrate each milestone with your dog.